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Update 0.5 is out. Get it here.


Update 0.4

Some of the content in this update:

  • A new quest: infiltrate the fiefdom of Hawatia in order to sway a crucial parliament vote which will leave the fiefdom vulnerable to attack. Solve a murder mystery, fuck, bribe, fuck some more, blackmail and fight your way to political dominance.
  • A hot new wench: queen Sumia is voluptuous and ebony skinned, arrogant and proud. Persuade her to join your cause or use her body for your dark pleasures.
  • Per Subscribers vote: revisit the oasis of Ziruan and offer Fahda the moneylender an offer she can’t refuse.
  • Feature: a Chicken button in 1:1 combat to instantly win the melee.
  • Feature: all conquered fiefdoms have the same color, easier to identify which fiefdoms are under your control and which are not yet.

    Walkthrough, should you need one.  https://docs.google.com/document/d/e/2PACX-1vRIYb3CZTn99Pg68QbG69I8LPwPGkmEVxeNt... 

A prince, an escaped prisoner, a usurper, a sexual abuser, a fighter. Karder Dal-Arouya is many things but has one goal in life: to conquer the empire stolen from him by his treacherous queen mother.

Guide Karder on his adventures to reclaim his throne. On his quests you will meet friends and foes, powerful beasts and sexy rulers. Dominate your defeated foes and decide whether you want to use and abuse them for your dark pleasures or convince them to aid you with their skills and knowledge.

Each new release will include a new fiefdom to conquer, new ruler to defeat and abuse (or seduce and recruit) and a miniquest offering unique combats, unforgettable sexual encounters and fun puzzles. 

Vae victis - khan offers the following features:

  • Seductive rulers to defeat and decide their fate: whether to sexually abuse them in your dungeons or to recruit them to your council and eventually subdue them
  • Quick and unique Rock, Scissors, Paper based one on one combat with some interesting twists such as aggressive or defensive attacks, subdue attacks for taking your (sexy) opponents unharmed and more.
  • Fiefdom management aspect: increase your Troops and Gold reserves so you can wage wars on new fiefdoms but monitor your fiefdoms Morale and Obedience lest you lose them to rebellions.
  • Miniquests for sabotaging enemy fiefdoms, obtaining powerful magical artifacts and more.
  • Strong impregnation theme, most sexual encounters will elaborate on Karder's desire to dominate and breed his defeated opponents.

As the game progresses, I will release more fiefdoms (and wenches) to conquer, elaborate on the back story and introduce additional features such as enhanced army combat,  inventory and more.

Vae victis - Khan is a very NSFW game. Its protagonist is a complete bastard who doesn't hesitate to sexually abuse and exploit other people but you will (almost) always have the option to choose a mild (yet highly erotic) path as well. There is no gore or blood during the sexual scenes of the game but other than that Karder can be a total sadist.

The game is free to download and play. If you enjoy and would like to see it grow, please support its development at Subscribestar.

Version 0.5 is now available, focusing on your favorite ruler Wenches and other girls.

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, Linux, Android
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
GenreVisual Novel, Adventure, Strategy
Made withRen'Py
Tags3D, Adult, Dark Fantasy, Erotic, Fantasy, impregnation, LGBT, NSFW
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Smartphone


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does the game content gay scenes?

The game contains two gay scenes, another one is coming in the next version. Both scenes are avoidable and you can turn off gay content completely in the Settings -> Toggle Fetishes settings 

Is anyone else having an issue downloading the game on their device? I have android and the apk "downloads" it however it won't let me install it on my device. Anyone else have this issue or possibly the solution to it?

This probably seems like a weird question, but have you ever thought about adding the option for a character like Alax to be turned into a wench? I think it'd be quite interesting


I do. For better "efficiency" (less renders) I might haver the players decide if they want him as a boyish girl or a girlish boy. Chances aren't very high, but it did cross my mind once or twice.

Is there any chance the game will be made available on Mac?

It is. There's a file for Mac in the directory.

Hello, is 0.6 out yet? I previously bought the game at $2, and according to the announcement, it's supposed to be out by July 22nd. However, when I go over to Mega, it only contains files for 0.5.8.

My games are here. When you purchase a game use get access to that version (A). When the next version (B) comes out,  I make version A "pay as you like" and B mandatory payment. When version C comes out, B (which includes A) becomes "pay and you like" and C mandatory payments, etc etc. 

So 0.5.8 is now "pay as you like" and 0.6.9 is $2. Hope that clarifies things.

Ohhh, I see. Understood, thanks for the prompt reply!

Deleted 61 days ago



more gay content to come?

I don't have a long range plan for sex scenes, I add them if they fit the relevant story. In other words: if I see a good opportunity to add one, I will.

How do we play on andriod?

Download and install the apk file.

Which is the apk i see mac and pc but didnt see an apk file

thanks so much really want to try this version before buying the other one. Looking forward to giving it a go 

I like AVNs for the sex scenes and the story, and this one is decent. But I find the gameplay elements often boring and grindy. I would prefer a version of this where I can opt out of any gameplay--I had to quit at the map, and I didn't like grinding through the caves or whatever.

You can skip most Khaganate management by using VN Mode. As for the quest, there is a good (I wrote it...) walkthrough here.

Could you put the apk for download man? All sources of the game are on mega only, something that we need a subscription to even be able to download your game from cause the transfer quota is way too small and using alternative methods like VPN switching is too much of a hassle and a bother. Really wanted to play, but I can't. 

Mail me on gmail, not sure what you mean.

how can i get out of the city ?

What City? Blazeer? Ziruan? Waioo? Naniri?

this games valid. Keep up the work it has massive potential.

I admit I'm a newb.  Could you explain what I'm supposed to do to update the game without losing my progress?

I have already downloaded 5.0 for PC and still have the folder for 4.8 on my computer.  Do I delete 4.8 once have 5.0 or do I copy over it or what?

Both 0.5.X and 0.4.8 save their save file on the same place., so you can delete 0.4.8. 

In 0.5.x I've added code that should allow you to open old save files but if you run into problems with this, simply start a new game and use VN Mode (Settings -> Toggle Game Features), Skip 'N Win and Chicken icon to quickly regain you previous accomplishments.


I started getting an error message about how the program was not working and had to be shut down.  So I deleted both of the folders and am re-downloading 5.0 now.

(1 edit)

<Problem solved>


how do i get the blessing of the red stallion

I believe you're referring to the prompt after to cum in a Wench. This is prosaic way of me to say "You have a random 1/3 chance to knock her up"...

All I do is just keep knocking them up like 5 or more times before going to the next day. That's how I make sure they're pregnant.  Plus I perfer Kahn having them in the palace. 

I can't play I keep getting log (LAPTOP-L6V0L9L8's conflicted copy 2021-09-30)

What file did you download?

(1 edit)

the PC version

(1 edit)

Problem solved.

how do i trigger the revisit with Fahda? I have conquered all 4 territories at this point and tells me I have gone as far as I can in version .4. I made sure to follow the walkthrough guidlines (no bad endings) to be able to visit her agani

(2 edits)

This is the code that allows you to play this act. Let me know if something is not clear.

    if (ziruanFinishTurn + 10 <= turnCount and domiaEvening3GrudgeAlamRape == False and domiaKilled == False and ziruanRapedFahdaFlag == False and fahdaRevisitFlag == False):
        $ fahdaRevisitCondition = True

where do i put this code? then where do I go to access this scen

You don't, I just showed you how the code works:

1. Must wait 10 turns after you finished the quest.

2. You didn't rape Alam together with Domia

3. You didn't kill Domia in the Vault

4. You didn't sleep-raped Fahda

5. Didn't play the encounter yet

very good game but i cant subdue only attack how do i fix this

(1 edit)

If you attack even once with a Normal or Aggressive attack, you won't be able to Subdue that person later in combat. So if you wish to Subdue, use Subdue or Defensive attacks only.

oh ok ty

LOVED IT.   However I can't figure out how to get to the Fahda-Revisit scene


1. Finish the quest without raping anyone or killing anyone (Domia). If you want Domia in your palace it basically means you'll have to finish her warrior story and then agree not to rob Fahda blind.

2. Conquer Marbia

3, Wait 10 turns

Got it!  Nice adventure.  What's the status of the follow up chapters?  There's still a lot of map and women left to conquer.


The status is "Full steam ahead", it's all I can say. Next version will be released in April and will focus on existing characters only with no conquest or new Wenches.

Well, I am sure they will do something to justify more rough handling!   Excellent artwork and stories.  A great combination of puzzle solving and eroticism.  Also, thanks for the shortcut controls to skip combat when I got impatient at times.

Hi, Just purchased the game but unable to download a PC version? I did go to the mega website from a previous link but that does not seem to work now?

thanks in advance

(1 edit)

Hi! When you click the link you're supposed to see a Mega directory with several files. Download the 0.4.8 which suits you. You can also contact me on Discord or gmail (same user as here) and I'll try to help.


(1 edit)

Uh, how do you download it? MEGA isn't letting me get it. Do I have to make an account with them? It says "over quota". 

Can I not just have the download?

Hey man!

I managed to download with no problem in incognito mode. Let's assume it was just a temporary glitch, can you try again?

(1 edit)

no, im sure. it seems like its working then wants me to wait 3 hours to download the rest of it. it says my queue is full. why is downloading a game so difficult?

thanks for the response 

Deleted 241 days ago

thanks sounds good

Deleted 214 days ago
(1 edit)

I have uploaded an Android version.

Deleted 214 days ago

The link to the Android version is not working.


The link is not to a file but to a folder. In the folder you'll find the latest Android version.

I can't find the folder.  Is it in the Web.rar folder?

Mail me. My email is my itch user, but in Google's mail service... ;)


nahhh los 20 los paga por un juego sin beta minimamente amplia los locos sin criterio LOL


you should leave a tidbit about the price dropping over time btw, cuz i don't think people will know unless they read the updates and I don't think new people would



Itch is about experiment, there is alot out there and purchase upfront is a risk. the best option for all on here is release the last update free or have purchase exclusives cause you want people to try the game. Not gonna try a game for $30.


This is an early access price. It will go down in the next few days.


that's an interesting way of doing things


they might want to put it on steam 


Sometime this year I intend to overhaul the combat system and make it more intuitive. Once I do that I'll consider putting it on Steam. Thanks!


Wow, didn't know April Fool's was coming early this year. $30.00? Geeze.


This is an early access price. It will go down in the next few days.


You're better off donig a patreon thing and giving early access for higher tiers. This is just too high. I can buy multiple porn games on steam for less than that. You do you, but I'd be honestly spurprised if you do better this way than you would with a more standard price.

Thanks! I already have a SubscribeStar account active and the price here reflects the high tier price.


Does this game contain LGBT content?


The game currently contains two male-on-male scenes (both optional) and there might additional one in the future. Having said that, this game is focused on mostly heterosexual experience so if you're looking for an LGBT heavy game, sadly this game might disappoint you but if you're cool with a lot of pussy with the occasional male-on-male fucking, you've come to the right place.


Very nice writing! keep it up.

Question by the way. Is it possible to find the caves in Waioo I feel lke I'm stuck, or that this is the latest version.


I really want to try the game but everytime it downloads it says it cant open the file on android idk if its my fault or the file

Trying downloading from here. You can also play online here. If you play online note there's a bug where you can't see stuff, look for my comments about it in the comments section.

Thanks chief for the quick reply, the game has a great concept i cant wait for v 0.4


Is something going on with the universal apk download for android? I've been unable to download it as anytime I get within 90% of it being done it fails. I want to know if it's on my end or yours.

I don't think there's a problem with the file, otherwise more people would complain.

I don’t understand how you get anyone to the dungeon. I’ve tried using the subdue command in battle but it doesn’t seem to work 

1. If you subdued a wench you'll get a menu after the battle of ravishing her or sending her to the interrogation cells. If you didn't encounter this menu you killed her (must use 100% subdue against her).

2. In the palace, choose the left door. In the hall choose the middle door (some players miss it, I'll fix this) to the holding cells.

3. I'm in Discord most of the time if you still need help. Good luck!


don't forget that you can't use any other attack than subdue in the entire battle

I downloaded the zip file to my phone. Now, how do I install the game?

For Android download the apk from here.

Hey there I downloaded the win zip version from the mega link for my windows desktop, I also use bluestacks on my Pc and for some reason it seems to have downloaded a version for bluestacks is it not playable on PC?

Frankly I have zero experience with Bluestacks.
This mega link contains a PC version which should run smoothly on your PC.

Would you be interested in a native English speaker improving the localization text, by chance?

Always. Talk to me in Discord

I last played the 2.0-ish version of this and thought it was pretty fun. But the 3.0-ish versions really take it to the next level.  Awesome job!

NOTE: (contains spoilers) The Alam in your palace scene, after you recruit her, there's a section of text where you as the khan are lifting her up and because of her ecstatic reaction, he kind of pictures her as a  "pre-teen". The word choice in that section could kind of be mis-understood, and it almost sounds as thought you're saying she  CURRENTLY is a pre-teen, which would be pretty disgusting. Maybe its cuz I was playing at 3AM, but I did a double take when I read that.

Thanks for the kind words! As for Alam: with boobs like that no one can mistaken her for preteen but having grown without a father figure in a harsh environment, might have developed some childish side in her.

I'm trying to download this game via Mega, but I don't have sufficient transfer quota to do it. Is there a way to bypass it?

Obs: trying to download the android version


In a few hours I'm going to post a "crunched" Android version which should take much less space.


Nice progress since 0.2, good job!

Wish we could hire Mirina as a maid or something (after seduction). :P Also really hope for more Fahda content in the future.

Keep up a good work!

Thanks! I'm already busy with version 0.4. Don't forget to rate if you liked the game, every star counts :)

(1 edit)

Oh, I already did that on previous version, but I just raised my rating since the game improved a lot, especially interface wise (love that now the mini map is generating when you exploring, it was pain in the previous one :P)

But honestly, any plans for more Mirina? :P

Thankfully, almost all the non-wenches get love from fans. For version 0.4 I intend to run a poll with my Subscribestar followers asking which non-wench they'd like to see more of. Mirina will be in the vote, let's hope she beats the others. I'm glad you liked her, BTW. She was a lot of fun to write.

Hey doorknob thank you for this beautiful work of art! 

I have some problem with running this new version... 

My phone is galaxy A71 and when I open the app on my phone and start it there is only half of the texts visible, story texts are way too below of my screen that I can read only few sentences and choices texts are way too above of my screen that I see half of them... 

I wanted to ask is this a bug or I can fix this situation? 

Thank you again. 

It's a problem which affects some mobile phones, I'm not sure what exactly. I hope to publish a solution in a few days.

Thank you very much I can't wait to play the fixed version

sorry  i think i may have commented twice on the same thing but my pc turned off as i replied so i apologise if you see me asking twice, i downloaded v0.3.16 however upon loading the game it says i have conquered all available fiefdoms in version 0.2 and i have to wait for o.3 to be released, which it is as i have downloaded the latest version, also upon visiting nahir in the palace it gives me a error screen which i have to click the ignore option as rollback closes the game down, i also see tinpingia as available to conquer but it has no ruler and 90 troops ( mine caps at 70 meaning i literally cannot win ) is this a known bug right now or will i have to restart my game? the pregnancy feature works me with angilia  though so right now im just so confused any help you could prove would be greatly appreciated.

(1 edit)


I think this mess might have been caused by old saves. This solution helped: Delete all the files both from C:\Users<your_username>\appdata\roaming\renpy\khan- and from

the game's root\game\saves.

Then try a new game. You can use Skin 'n Win to skip infiltration missions you already played so it will not take you too much time to replay what you already played.

fixed it thank you! great update! i know its a lot of work but hopefully in some future update we could see/ raise the babys, other than that loved this update and the ending :O ( SPOILER IF ANY ELSE READS THIS ) B surely is still working for our mother and at any point could betray us or if not him who else i cannot wait to play 0.4 once again keep up the amazing work! <3

Glad you liked it! Feel free to give the game 5 stars so others will see how good it is :)

Done <3 

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